A good slogan will stick with a consumer every bit as much as a good logo. They are like verbal logos. A slogan will define a business philosophically, conceptually, operationally. Unforgettably.

Slogans work. Consumers repeat them. Good ones become part of everyday speech. While a logo can grab consumers' attention while shopping, a powerful slogan or tagline will go home with them. And that can keep them coming back to you time and again.

Slogans require a bit of explanation. They require context. So, below you will find taglines and the world they live in. In some cases, we have done both logos and slogans for companies. Whenever possible, we include both on this page.


Client type: Government economic development office
Client: Economic Development Office of Lee County
Slogan/tagline type: Identity

"Business is in our nature"

Southwest Florida is a place better known for its blue water than its blue chips. So the message of "industry and commerce is welcome here" went mostly unheard by investors and businesspeople outside the area. Previous attempts at linking the commercial with the natural served only to point up distinctions between them. The theme "Business is in our nature" was the solution. The tag line dominates the giant welcome board at the Southwest Florida International Airport, was the featured on all Economic Development Office publications, and has spawned a series of copycat slogans. The sincerest form of flattery helps reinforce the original message.


Client type: Retailer/specialty shop
Client: Downtown Framing and Art
Slogan/tagline type:

"We know the frame game"

Downtown Framing and Art started its first as campaign before the company had a slogan in place. Normally, this would be problematic, but in this case the theme of an early ad series featuring games and puzzles lent itself to a strong slogan. "We know the frame game" is short, playful, and rhyming--hallmarks of the best taglines.

Client type: Marketing firm
Client: Tuesday Nite Marketing and Media
Slogan/tagline type: service

"Business never looked so good"

Tuesday Nite Marketing & Media creates media--print, web, graphics, and general advertising--for a wide range of clients. The company creates or redefines a client's marketing presence and communications pieces. Work often starts with a corporate makeover. TNMM's slogan uses a classic technique for defining a business by using multiple or double meanings. The slogan promises both aesthetic good looks and positive forecasts for success.

Client type: Coffee shop/restaurant
Client: Brewer's Coffee
Slogan/tagline type: Identity

"Come in. Sit down. Have a cup."

Brewers Coffee Company wants to position its shop as a friendly, accessible place where friends can sit and enjoy both cappuccino and companionship. Nothing is more welcoming that a friend saying "Come in. Sit down!" The tag line serves equally well in print and an end line for radio spots.

Client type: Mortgage broker
Client: Castle Mortgage
Slogan/tagline type: Service

Make the best move...use the Castle

For consumers with bad credit, getting a good mortgage is a game of strategy. Castle Mortgage's de facto logo was a chess piece--the rook or castle. The chess reference played equally well verbally tying both visual and textual identities together in one neat package.

Client type: Public-private child welfare organization
Client: Children's Network
Slogan/tagline type: Identity

"Building strong links for children in need"

The Children's Network replaced many functions of an unwieldy state organization, promising many of it's functions to be delivered or accessed online. Tying the idea of web links to more traditional social services links effectively integrated both old and new methods of child welfare support systems.

Client type: University degree program
Client: Department of Social Work
             Florida Gulf Coast University
Slogan/tagline type: Service/Identity

"Empowering People to Empower Others"

Personal empowerment is an "buzz phrase" in social services. The Department of Social Work at FGCU felt it was necessary not only to acknowledge a philosophical norm of their profession, but also to imply that the department is a resource for teaching methodologies consistent with professional models.

Client type: Golf club manufacturer and designer
Client: Albert Holtz Golf Design
Slogan/tagline type: Identity

"Rethinking Golf"

Golf is a thinking man's (and woman's) sport. It is also laden with traditions, not only from a player's standpoint. Manufacturers, too, have their own set of "rules" on how things are done. Albert Holtz Golf Design took a truly different approach to club manufacture and design with an innovative line of metal woods and irons. The company wanted its tagline to express its viewpoint on the game, interest in change, and novel approach to problem-solving.

Client type: Golf club manufacturer and designer
Client: Albert Holtz Golf Design
Product: BullWhip Multi-flex Shafts
Slogan/tagline type: Product

"It pays to be flexible"

BullWhip Multi-flex Shafts are built on a principle that is counter to much of the conventional wisdom of the golf industry. Stiffer shafts, they say, equal a more powerful drive. So ingrained is this idea to some people that they are inflexible in their opinions. The implied meaning couples with the factual meaning (BullWhip shafts actually do flex like a whip when swung) combine to suggest that one's opinions can bend without breaking--improving golf scores at the same time.

Client type: Golf club manufacturer and designer
Client: Albert Holtz Golf Design
Product: Truejectory metal woods

Slogan/tagline type:

"Keep your head on straight"

A large percentage of bad golf shots arise from misalignment of the club head with the ball on impact. TrueJectory metal woods were designed to rebound into their original alignment during the downswing. Keeping one's head on straight merges the literal meaning with the old saying, making a fun and memorable double meaning.

Client type: Not-for-profit high school leadership program
Client: Lessons in Leadership
Slogan/tagline type: Identity/Service

"Today's learner. Tomorrow's leader."

The concept of before and after is a common one in advertising. In this case, today is contrasted with tomorrow in a statement of cause and effect. The slogan states that the schoolchildren we teach today will someday be the leaders we follow.

Client type: Public relations firm
Client: PRiority Marketing
Slogan/tagline type: Identity/Service

"Taking your message to the market.
Bringing the market to your door."

This was a tagline written for a public relations firm that was branching out into marketing. Their concept was simple: they will get your word out, which will in turn bring customers to your door.

Client type: Bank
Client: Edison National Bank
Slogan/tagline type: Identity/Service

"Where personal service is still in style"

Banks are more often "impersonal" and "huge" than "small" and "accessible." For smaller banks, ability to compete with the "big boys" comes not with emulating them but rather in being what they are not. In this case, a small bank ranks its personal service as one of its chief assets. Clients agreed. The bank does very well with its message of old-fashioned personal service.

Client type: Clothing manufacturer
Client: Surf Constitution
Product: Surf Constitution Clothes for Ripping
Slogan/tagline type: Product/Identity

"Ride the wave of change"

Surf Constitution is a young, aggressive startup that is working to make a name for itself in the competitive and edgy world of surf and beach apparel. They have several slogans for their products, all of them referring to their us-against-them attitude that they hope will inspire the target market to buy their clothes. The wave of change refers not only to the new clothes but also the anti-establishment attitude that is a part of the surf community.

Client type: University professional program
Client: Department of Social Work
             Florida Gulf Coast University
Slogan/tagline type: Identity

"The art and science of wellness"

Physical therapy is usually thought of in a restorative, rehabilitative sense. But the field is also preventative, as well, and based firmly on scientific research and investigation. That is part of the message the Department of Physical Therapy wanted to include in its slogan. The other aspects were that "wellness" is the end goal (wellness as opposed to health--being as well as one can be in any situation, even with injury) and that while there is plenty of science behind the practice of physical thereapy it is still very much an art.

Client type: Restaurant/night club
Client: The Supper Club Restaurant and Night Club
Slogan/tagline type: Identity

"More than just a night out"

Many restaurants are just places to eat. Many night clubs are just places to dance. The Supper Club was both, and their slogan resonated especially well with college kids looking for a sophisticated place to go out and with parents looking for a "one-stop shopping" place to get out on date night. The resulting slogan said that coming to the restaurant promised more than one could get anywhere else.

Client type: Supplement manufacturer and retailer
Client: Carotec, Inc.
Slogan/tagline type: Product/identity

"Adding more to life"

The whole concept behind supplementsis that they are extra items added to a regular diet. Carotec's slogan promises not only of extra but also better and more complete. It states the obvious while expressing quietly that Carotec supplements add a great deal to more to life than just nutrients.

Client type: Vocational educational initiative
Client: Workforce Development Council, State of Florida
Slogan/tagline type: Program Identity

"Life is a trip. You drive."

Vocational education has gone by the wayside in much of American education. In Florida, where trained workers are hard to come by in trades that fuel the state's rapid growth and development, vocational programs are sorely needed yet undersubscribed by students. This slogan is for a program that supports and encourages high school students to choose a vocational path for their education. Students are in command of their choices and the direction of their working life.

Client type: Specialty mortgage broker
Client: Mortgage Killer
Slogan/tagline type: Service/Identity

"A quick and painless end to high cost financing"

Sometimes, stating what a product or service is at its core is the best way to make a tagline. The Mortgage Killer will refinance your home and allow you to make a pile of money all at the same time. The application and approval process are, indeed, quick and painless, making the tagline particularly accurate.

Client type: Retailer/specialty shop
Client: Shipping World
Slogan/tagline type: Identity/service

"It's a big world. So it needs a bigger box."

Humor is a risky element in advertising because you never know if what you think is funny really is. At least to other people. Shipping World took a chance on a funny slogan. It made customers laugh. It also led to opportunities for visual puns in advertising, effectively reinforcing the message in several media--and in the minds of customers.

Client type: Retailer/specialty shop
Client: United Way
Slogan/tagline type: Campaign Slogan

"Do a good turn.
Help make a rough road a little smoother."

"Do a good turn" is a fitting term to use to implore someone to donate their time or money to a good cause. By coupling the classic saying with visuals of roadways and signs, we made the United Way slogan into a powerful campaign that raised a record amount of money for worthwhile charities.

Client type: Retailer/specialty shop
Client: United Way
Slogan/tagline type: Campaign Slogan

"Be a lifesaver"

A lifesaver, one could argue, is one who has saved or, at the very least, changed lives through his or her charitable acts. Such was the case with those who responded to this United Way campaign slogan. The obvious references to "rescue" and "aid" made this slogan powerful and attractive in the traditional human services fundraising sense. Its parallel with Lifesavers® candies allowed for some fun and visually interesting product tie-ins and give-aways.



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